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Wrist-Mounted Bow by Vega-Highwell Wrist-Mounted Bow :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 0 0 Chidori Kaname sketch by Vega-Highwell Chidori Kaname sketch :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 1 0 Sagara Sousuke sketch by Vega-Highwell Sagara Sousuke sketch :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 2 0 Game Concept Art - Yan Ying by Vega-Highwell Game Concept Art - Yan Ying :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 5 0 Game Concept Art - Corrupted creatures by Vega-Highwell Game Concept Art - Corrupted creatures :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 4 0 Game Concept Art - Zhao by Vega-Highwell Game Concept Art - Zhao :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 2 1 Game Concept Art - Qing by Vega-Highwell Game Concept Art - Qing :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 5 0 Sakura Saber // 02 by Vega-Highwell Sakura Saber // 02 :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 6 0 Sakura Saber // 01 [Oaths] by Vega-Highwell Sakura Saber // 01 [Oaths] :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 6 0 Fantasy shopkeeper by Vega-Highwell Fantasy shopkeeper :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 2 0 Noctis Portrait by Vega-Highwell Noctis Portrait :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 4 0 Saber GIFT version Mk II // 09 by Vega-Highwell Saber GIFT version Mk II // 09 :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 16 4 Saber GIFT version Mk II // 08 by Vega-Highwell Saber GIFT version Mk II // 08 :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 7 0 Saber GIFT version Mk II // 07 by Vega-Highwell Saber GIFT version Mk II // 07 :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 20 10 Akando - 2011 and 2016 by Vega-Highwell Akando - 2011 and 2016 :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 1 0 Akando by Vega-Highwell Akando :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 4 0

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Journal and it's Rankings
Saw the website yesterday, it made me curious. Made a profile there ( ), went exploring the site shortly after... and stumbled upon a ranking system (Rankings. Strict rankings based on user status (c)
This brought us pretty much back and here's our story:
There was a great website ones. It contained wonderful cosplay tips, shootings, articles... and a ranking system. We could already smell it would end up badly, but most people were very enthusiastic about it. It began innocently like that: "Ha-ha, look, I've got the 10th place, that's cool"
Time passed. The ranking system was born in cosplayers' heads and there were enthusiasts who wouldn't agree with being on the place number 54 or place number 89. Slowly, people tried manipulating the system at all costs. Almost everyone began mentioning their places on their blogs, some wrote a few sentences, some wrote essays about it.
Huge dramas began spreading out. Some cosplayers became agressive, some becam
:icongreen-makakas:Green-Makakas 5 59
Cloud_Tifa by Agustinus Cloud_Tifa :iconagustinus:Agustinus 1,616 229 How to be a happy cosplayer by Green-Makakas How to be a happy cosplayer :icongreen-makakas:Green-Makakas 1,183 444 X-23 by LadyAngelus X-23 :iconladyangelus:LadyAngelus 75 4 Balthier Cosplay by Vertor Balthier Cosplay :iconvertor:Vertor 2,782 393 Most ready by Odango-datte Most ready :iconodango-datte:Odango-datte 108 32
ROH: Three Simple Words
CS: My sequel to Buried Beneath. I know, I know. I need to write one with a song title. But the whole one-shot is about the words "I love you," so there you go.
Gaomon: This is becoming quite popular.
Nel: You're turning into a celebratory, CS!
Envy: Not really, but we're certainly getting a crowd forming.
Firion: Also do note, this is the orginial Three Simple Words. There will probably be another one under a similar title, although much different and much more in character.
CS: I get so close to having them in character, then I epically fail!
Gaomon: There, there, CS. You'll get it in time.
Dorumon: CS owns nothing but the baby-to-be. Peace out.

                           Rapture Of Hearts: Three Simple Words
Lightning can never recall a single moment when the War
:iconcassidyxedward4ever:CassidyxEdward4ever 6 21
Lady Mechanika Studio Shoot 05 by Crimson-Shirou Lady Mechanika Studio Shoot 05 :iconcrimson-shirou:Crimson-Shirou 52 2 Escrima by Asagi-syndrome Escrima :iconasagi-syndrome:Asagi-syndrome 9 13



Vega-Highwell's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
I mostly post my cosplay pictures here!

Cosplay History:
~ Ishida Uryuu (Bleach; Soul Society Arc)
~ Peta (Marchen Awakens Romance)
~ Uchiha Itachi (Naruto; ANBU version)
~ Hibari Kyouya (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; Winter uniform)
~ Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)
~ Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
~ Saika Magoichi (Sengoku Basara 3)
~ Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Tiger & Bunny; regular version)
~ Protagonist (Persona 4)
~ Noctis Lucis Caelum and Stella Nox Fleuret (Final Fantasy XV)
~ Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid; Scissorhands version)
~ Lightning Farron (Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy DLC)
~ Commander Jane Shepard (Mass Effect 3; N7 armour)
~ Jack (Final Fantasy Type-0)
~ Arturia "Saber" Pendragon (Fate Stay/Night; Gift version)
~ Akemi Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
~ Okita Souji (Fate Grand/Order)


Wrist-Mounted Bow
This is a blueprint for a wrist-mounted bow. Its design was based off of the Wristbow used in the Dishonored game series, with added poison-coating mechanics.

A commission piece requested by a friend, he asked for a blueprint of the weapon his character used in his Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I delivered it in the style of a "feelie", from the days of big box computer games and their myriad of items that enhances the sense of immersion.

The typeface is Blackletter Hand by Nick Matavka (…)
Chidori Kaname sketch
Since I drew one for Sousuke, I figured I should draw one for Kaname. FMP IV will be a tough time for her, but it's finally a moment for her to grow as a character, along with Sousuke.
Sagara Sousuke sketch
Ever since the announcement of Full Metal Panic IV at Anime Expo 2017, I'd been riding the FMP wave, watching the old anime series and rereading the manga. It made me think about why was I so attracted to Sousuke, and I think it's his protectiveness towards Chidori that really caught my heart. I hope FMP IV will be a great success.
Game Concept Art - Yan Ying
The fire elemental boss Yan Ying (鹰), the first boss Qing encounters in the game.

Yan Ying is an embodiment of the disturbed element of fire. It attacks by firing sharp obsidian arrows, and sometimes launching fiery feathers at the player's direction.


Medium used: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint
Received some good news last night and could only share it right now, for I was busy at work.

My FemShep cosplay has been featured! Read the article in the link below:

I'm very humbled that my work has been recognised! Thank you for the feature! I thank :iconsection8sg: for their guidance and help and :iconshazzsteel: for taking that wonderful picture at Cosfest 2013! Check it out here:

Gotta do my best for the shoot. Good news is that the N7 armour is repaired and ready for action anytime.
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